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Why are the parts of this answer offering a (IMHO original) legal analysis on-topic, even if that's not even solicited by the Q, and probably wrong?

This (accepted) answer offers its own legal opinion on whether driving out Jews from various Arab countries was genocide, even though: That's not part of the Q, and answers trying to provide similar ...
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1 answer

On what basis were the answers classified as original research?

Two answers (one of which I wrote) to this question on the commonest boys names in England were recently deleted on the basis they constituted "original research". I would like to understand ...
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When did explaining definitive sources become original research? [duplicate]

One of the moderators has decided to delete two answers to the question on the popularity of boys names in the UK (this one Is Muhammad one of the most popular names for boys in England and Wales?) on ...
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3 answers

Is writing code to parse data original research and therefore inappropriate as an answer?

This answer includes a Python script to parse data. The data source itself is linked. The answer is getting upvoted, presumably because people view it as a helpful contribution. The relevant help ...
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Is creating a figure based on referenced data original research?

I was thinking about creating and adding a figure to one of my answers. I'd use data from a referenced source to create that figure, which would probably take the form of a bar chart or something ...
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Do we need an update on "what constitutes original research"?

I'm not here to kick up a fuss (I'm well aware of the fear of that whenever someone questions a decision to close or delete their answer) but I think maybe the "What constitutes original research" ...
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1 answer

Did I do original research?

In my answer to the question Were 48% of American billionaires Jewish in 2014? I gave an answer regarding the 2016 numbers. Since it wasn't enough for the OP I went on and did more research and found ...
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1 answer

"Original research" - multiplying 15 by 30?

My answer to Do cheetahs die after sprinting for 30 seconds? was downvoted because "This answer is based on original data analysis or non-verifiable data". The answer cites a published paper, pulls ...
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9 votes
1 answer

Is user translation of Non-English languages considered Original Research?

This question is being asked on behalf of @lvc, who had the concern triggered by a question where another user helpfully improved a machine translation. Back in 2012, I gave this answer to a question: ...
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How can I fix my answer that contains original research?

An answer of mine was deleted because it was "substantially based on Original Research". I rather like the high standard of quality that questions and answers are generally held to here, and is one ...
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1 answer

FAQ: What constitutes original research?

Answers which are wholly based on "original research" are generally downvoted and may be deleted. What are the characteristics that (dis-)qualify an answer as original research? How should these ...
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10 votes
4 answers

Under what conditions is "original research" problematic on community-mediated sites?

Wikipedia (strongly) and Skeptics.StackExchange (weakly) have adopted a policy of "no original research" for their articles; since this is a policy, one would assume that original research is ...
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6 answers

Should we expect original research to occur on this site?

Is it acceptable for users of this site to post un-referenced responses to questions which can be answered objectively? That is, are responses along the lines of "based on my experience and research, ...
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