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What should I do when I believe an invalid answer is upvoted for political reasons?

Consider this question: Were babies found with their heads decapitated in Israel after the Hamas attack? and specifically, the current top-voted answer. You'll notice it has a number of upvotes and ...
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What are the criteria for having an entire tag just for one person?

Whenever I see a tag that is used for only one question, it catches my eye. Recently I noticed that benjamin-netanyahu was only used for one question, namely: Did Netanyahu recently say "We will ...
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2 answers

Ban Fact Checking Websites in Answers

This site should not simply be a conduit for Snopes or FactCheck. Why not? I am a skeptic, and it simply irritates me. Why does it irritate you? Snopes, and these other fact checking websites, do ...
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Propaganda Questions

I noticed on Politics Meta that a recent post was made about protecting the site from propaganda questions related to current events surrounding Ukraine and was wondering if anything like that was ...
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Why was a chatroom frozen after a remark was made about Australia?

This is the chatroom: The Garden of Eden This is the remark: ...have you seen the latest heresy video posted by Veritasium on YouTube? To think he's supposed have a PhD in physics education really ...
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1 answer

Political campaigning to influence a presidential election on Skeptics, no one cares?

Once I read here that Sorry, but we don't care about your political opinions But are we indeed so careless as to allow blatant political campaigning? We witnessed a non-skeptical question on HNQ ...
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2 answers

Is it OK for tag-wiki excerpts to promote political bias

Currently two tag wikis are at odds because they want to transport a political opinion. The tag for circumcision reads: Use this for male circumcision. For female genital mutation, use "female-...
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1 vote
1 answer

Why are so few questions left open?

Only two of the last twelve questions remained open on this StackExchange. Why are so many held? Seems like they're closed when people here don't know how to answer the question (like the vaccine one)...
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10 votes
6 answers

US Election 2012 & Skeptics. We need your input!

Stack Exchange is thinking about rolling out a US Election 2012 site, and I'm trying to gauge the level of interest for such a site here at Skeptics, the site that most resembles what we're trying to ...
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Are political questions on-topic here?

For example, "What's the real reason Bush attack Iraq?" or "Why people are religious?
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2 answers

How do we deal with questions about evidence relating to policy?

Many potential questions for Skeptics.SE are interesting because they relate to the evidence base behind government policy. I've just had one such question closed almost instantly on the grounds that ...
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3 answers

The terms liberal and conservative.

So I asked a pair of questions about bias and liberal views on nukes, and got nuked myself. Apparently the words liberal and conservative are pretty loaded. Gallup polling indicates that Republicans ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Are political questions on-topic?

We just got the question "Is Obama going to shutdown the internet?" and despite the title there is a more or less objective question in there, namely if there are any plans to create a "kill-switch" ...
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