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Are people with the trusted users privilege allowed to vote to delete unreferenced answers?

Diamond moderators regularly delete answers on the grounds that they are unreferenced. (Ironically enough, I can find a FAQ stating that answers must be referenced, but couldn't find any post saying ...
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2 answers

Can't view deleted content through my phone

I can't see deleted posts through my phone, even though I have the rep, and I can see deleted qiestions on a computer. Using the android app.
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2 answers

Remove 50 rep requirement for comments

I have seen it more than once that 1 rep uses want to comment, but since they lack the option of doing so, they instead answer the question, but still just comment on the question. Remove the 50 rep ...
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High rep users should be able to add and remove post notices

As you know we use a lot of post notices on this site. I think they are very useful and work very well, but only moderators can add and remove them. I see no reason why that should be the case. I ...
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Should the reputation for close/reopen be reduced? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can we adjust the privilege/reputation levels? Because Skeptics is out of beta, approximately 30 users have enough privileges to close or re-open questions. Considering how ...
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3 answers

Can we adjust the privilege/reputation levels?

I understand the site has gone live and so the reputation needed for privleges is in line with the other SE sites. My concern is that the vast majority of the users on the site do not have anywhere ...
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