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2 votes
1 answer

What should I do when I believe an invalid answer is upvoted for political reasons?

Consider this question: Were babies found with their heads decapitated in Israel after the Hamas attack? and specifically, the current top-voted answer. You'll notice it has a number of upvotes and ...
1 vote
2 answers

Are we ignoring quality problems blissfully if we see a chance to fight some strawmen from 'the other camp'?

We see a lot of substandard questions here. Some are more troublesome than others. Some good questions get deplatformed for being mistaken as "push" or whatever. This meta post is about ...
1 vote
1 answer

Have quality standards for answers been increasing over time?

Have the quality standards for answers been increasing over time? I'm not so much referring to the average quality of what gets posted as an answer (there's no stopping for new inexperienced novice ...
7 votes
5 answers

Effective solutions to persistent bad content in an otherwise good answer?

Situation: You see an answer The answer is generally good. Extensive research, in-detail review of the claim topic, references, etc... However, one small aspect of the answer is awful - doesn't have ...
1 vote
1 answer

Question: Disappearing bees

The answers on the question Are bees disappearing and why?, while giving a nice editorial, are most likely obsoleted by current research. There are two problems here: The answers predate most of the ...
8 votes
5 answers

Are referenced answers truly correct?

Because this site asks questions that cover a wide variety of scientific backgrounds I would like to discuss our process of answering questions and how likely the information we are providing is wrong,...
15 votes
1 answer

War on terrible questions

When I read Jeff's answer to this question today I had a minor brain tremor and quickly pulled out my trigger happy down voting finger to relieve the rage. Here's a quote: I think this site has ...
4 votes
1 answer

Should we strongly encourage executive summaries in answers?

I have seen a great deal of questions which had very well researched answers referencing many studies etc... But getting to an actual answer to a question (e.g. "yes/no/depends on factor XYZ") ...