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Style guide: Should bolded/emphasized portions of a long quote be noted as not belonging to the original source?

I often bold portions of long quotes so that skim readers can pick up the important parts quickly. I find it cumbersome to note that this formatting is not from the original source, but at the same ...
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Where should quote-hunting questions go?

Skeptics.SE regularly receives on-topic questions of the form "Did Person X say Quote Y?" The answers fall into a few categories: Yes, they said it at Event Z. No, Person A said it, at Event Z. ...
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How do we deal with doubt about an original source for a [quote] question?

In many cases, quote questions can be answered by finding sources or direct evidence for the quote in question, and that ends the matter. But some of the time, it all comes down to one source ...
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What questions should be asked to help determine whether statistic-based claims are trustworthy?

I've noticed a lot of questions on Skeptics Stack Exchange that are centered around one claim or another derived from a published statistic. We would not be good skeptics if we weren't first skeptical ...
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7 answers

Should we limit [quote] questions?

I'm tired and grumpy, but not sleepy. Probably not a good time to exercise mod powers. So, instead, I will have a bit of a whinge here, to see if anyone else agrees with me, or has suggestions on ...
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Should translated quotes be bilingual?

In this question I quoted several paragraphs of French, and translated it. Is it always better to quote the original as well as giving the translation? Even if the passage being quoted is quite long (...
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How should I answer a question about the authenticity of a quote?

One recent question was asking if a quote is authentic: Did Gandhi say "The most violent weapon on earth is the table fork"? If I could find a reference for this quote then life is perfect....
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8 votes
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Are questions of the "Did X say quote Y" on-topic?

Are quote/misquote attribution questions of the "Did X really say quote Y" kind on-topic for Skeptics SE? Examples Or are they more appropriate for or https://...
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