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Does Skeptics.SE presuppose methodological naturalism?

Does Skeptics.SE presuppose methodological naturalism—i.e., the claim that everything can be explained by natural processes or that there is no such thing as miracles?
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Incorporate today's SMBC into the site somehow

Today's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal contains a proposed line from the keynote speech of a hypothesized "Skeptics Hall of Fame": If I have found more bullshit, it is because I have ...
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Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism - 29 JUN to 2 JUL 17

Sorry I am remiss in posting this. I will be at NECSS again this year. I am presenting a workshop, and I will be working the conference. I'd love to see some of you there.
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Does this site merit the name? [duplicate]

"Skeptics" are generally people who don't take conclusions drawn from evidence presented. Legitimate reasons to question conclusions is both lack of credulity of the premises and logic flaws in the ...
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Musing on the importance of "credible" references

This isn't so much a question but commentary, and it struck me as relevant to this site. Feel free to delete it if it doesn't belong in the meta - Truthiness. I was goofing around and in my goofing ...
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My Proposed Presentation for TAM2013

As you know, I did submit a paper for presentation at the Sunday papers at TAM. Unfortunately I was not selected, but I promised to share my presentation with you. Since I was not selected, I didn't ...
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#TAM2013 Tweeting/Tweets

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, life just seems to overtake me from time to time. Anyway, I am looking forward to TAM this year, and I wanted to let you all know a couple of things to help you ...
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Live Tweeting NECSS

FYI, I will be at the North East Conference on Science and Skepticism (NECSS). I will have my tablet with me, and assuming the wireless is good, I will be live tweeting the event. I will be using a ...
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Skeptics or not

I am a new participant here and find the place somewhat frustrating. It seems that while most of the mods are rational there is a large percentage of participants who seem to have an agenda. These ...
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Should "absence of evidence" questions be allowed?

What is the correct approach to take when there is simply insufficient evidence about a claim, or it is not possible to reproduce or validate a claim made?
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Philosophical discussions about skepticism

Our FAQ states that this site is not for philosophical discussions about skepticism We got some questions that were about skepticism itself, so I think there is some disagreement on whether those ...
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