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Ban Fact Checking Websites in Answers

This site should not simply be a conduit for Snopes or FactCheck. Why not? I am a skeptic, and it simply irritates me. Why does it irritate you? Snopes, and these other fact checking websites, do ...
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Can notability be scientifically quantified?

There is a discussion about whether it is appropiate to source racist sources, see Antisemitic or Racist Sources. On one hand it may be problematic to indirectly promote hateful content and subject to ...
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Antisemitic or Racist Sources

I have never written a post like this before, because I generally do not care how StackOverflow is moderated or run. I apologize if this is overly wordy. There is an active question which asks about ...
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Does applying basic maths needs a citation from a reputable source?

This question originates from this question, where my answer tries to clear a purely mathematical misunderstanding that OP seems to have. Now to me the key advantage of this is that you don't need to ...
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Is Media Bias Fact Check a reliable site? [closed]

I use Media Bias Fact Check very often to check articles and their sources when I find them on social media and generally when I'm reading news or doing "whatever" research. I find it to be ...
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Resources debunking false coronavirus claims in languages other than English

I recently came across a facebook post claiming that 5G causes COVID-19, and that vaccines against the virus will contain microchips. I found it very hard to find Spanish-language resources debunking ...
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Should we close question about claims taken from reputable peer-reviewed publications?

I'm seeing an increase in questions that cite as their source of claim an article that would itself count as a reputable source for this site. It's from a reputable source, it's peer reviewed, or it ...
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At which level of digging do we decide that a source is acceptable?

Consider the following, if given as evidence in an answer: In a 2005 interview of renowned ornithologist George Credibleopoulos, George explicitly stated that snipes do indeed migrate ...
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Reputable Sources for a given topic

My answer to the question Is the New Testament significantly corrupted from its originally intended form? was deleted today by a mod. The comments section is locked because of this, so I turn to meta. ...
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Citing holocaust denial sites in answers is regarded as acceptable by moderators

This answer cites the Institute for Historical Review, a holocaust denial organisation. I flagged the answer, and got declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it ...
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Assessing Source Authority

My question takes as an assumption that using sources as authorities is a practical necessity even while acknowledging that appealing to an authority can be considered a logical fallacy in deductive ...
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Allow fun questions

Can we allow questions (with a disclaimer) that are not-serious, as in based on a fictional claim? To give concrete examples, J.K.Rowling claims in Harry Potter that if you jump into a fireplace, ...
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What are the criteria for "undue weight"?

In my answer to Is Genetically Modified food safe to consume?, I cite a study that I call controversial, and link to a Nature article summarising debate on the contents. When I'm no expert, I rely on ...
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Is unsourced material removed or not?

This answer has a score of -6 and a message that Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This post is from 2011. It hasn't been removed. Personally, I like that it's not removed: seeing good ...
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Are corperate publications a good resource?

The use of corporate resources tends to come up from time to time, as such, where do they stand with regards their use as a source? Should they be accepted as a good reference, anecdotal resource, or ...
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Is there a list or criteria of video sources that are deemed authoritative?

I was surprised that youtube videos are discouraged. Granted that they are seldom pure depiction of scientific evidence, they are still very useful for natural occurrences (National Geographic) like ...
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How can users who do not subscribe to scientific journals contribute?

In trying to answer several questions, I find that I am often stymied by the fact that most of the specific information on the subjects that I am researching are locked up behind an expensive paywall (...
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