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Claims about the existence of social media posts

We have some questions about claims that a particular prominent person or entity made a particular post to Twitter / Facebook / other social media. Not about whether the content of the post is ...
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Premature comment deletion on a non-answer exacerbating HNQ-badness; mods seem to refuse to act upon answer quality despite terrible content, again

Again we see the HNQ issues on a 'popular' Covid question without any proper answers. Is there an unusual distribution of adverse events by lot number for COVID-19 vaccines? And the comments under ...
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What's the stance on official but questionable sources?

For instance, opaque governments like Pyongyang's or the Islamic State's. How much weight should we accord to claims made by them. Example If someone asks if Tiger Woods has scored the most hole-in-...
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Why are some answers marked "tl;dr"?

I've seen several answers that begin with "tl;dr" or "TLDR". I had to look up what this means. The Urban Dictionary says "too long; didn't read". Examples (but not the worst ones, which I can't find ...
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Can we add something about how to properly ask and answer a question to the FAQ

We are getting more new users here and the quality of the questions and answers is taking a hit. I think a short blurb in the FAQ on how to ask a good question and the requirements for a good answer ...
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Can we please discourage drawing absolute conclusions from single studies?

I've noticed a lot of answers tend to cite a single study, and from this draw an absolute conclusion that something is or is not true. I will update this question with examples as I come across them. ...
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Exactly what questions are allowed in the site?

This question was already asked concerning this but my question is inherently different. What can be asked here?Please read what follows. It seems to me that the site has lost its purpose or that I ...
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Converting trash into treasure

Occasionally I come across a question that has been rightfully closed to to being unclear, unsourced, or otherwise problematic. But, I believe the crux of the question would be good for Skeptics. In ...
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Give me specificity, or give me breadth!

I limited my question regarding "male enhancement" techniques to just those of the "magic pill" variety not because I wasn't interested in how well the other techniques worked, but because I thought ...
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Should we ask questions that don't have answers?

Our FAQ states: You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face. Yet there are many questions that fall into our domain whose correct answer is: there is ...
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How should we cite scientific papers?

Should we adopt a common standard of citing scientific papers or should people decide on their own whether they just add a link or cite the paper like you would cite it in a scientific paper?
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How can we get users to write more elaborate questions?

We have a large amount of low quality, one paragraph questions: Will the comet Elenin cause significant disruption to life on Earth? Why was Andrew Wakefield's Paper retracted by The Lancet? Crystal ...
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How to deal with questions which an off-site search can answer?

How should we handle questions for which a quick Google or Wikipedia search would provide a great answer? This question was asked on StackOverflow.meta. The response was to answer it anyway, with the ...
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FAQ: When is it appropriate to "be a dick" on Skeptics?

There has been a long-standing issue in the Skeptics community that has been recently re-raised and re-branded by Phil Plait's TAM8 talk. It concerns traditionally hostile and/or mocking responses to ...
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