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Any followup to bad edit approvals?

This edit, made by an anonymous user, is just junk. All it consisted of was making the title worse. Yet two out of three editors who saw it approved it. Is there any kind of followup that can be ...
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What was wrong with this edit suggestion?

I submitted this suggested edit to replace "amount of guns" (which is grammatically incorrect as "gun" is a countable noun) with "number of guns", but it was rejected ...
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When a edit is rejected, is a reason provided?

Reading this question Approve edits that only add a conclusion? I thought that if someone proposes an edit to a question and that edit is rejected after peer review, a reason for the rejection is ...
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Approve edits that only add a conclusion?

I recently bumped into two edits that only added a boldfaced Very unlikely and Yes, roughly to the beginning of the answer. Personally, I'm in favor of this clarity (especially with long answers), ...
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Why do you put a question on hold after OP shows an effort to improve it?

I asked a question 12 hours ago. Do more "animal sacrifices, desecrations of cemeteries" happen at Halloween? When I checked it back there was 2 close-votes and explanations about why it ...
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