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Are questions about what situation would make a vague quote accurate in scope?

As was correctly pointed out in my last question, it's hard to ask whether the claim that we paid "hundreds of billions" of costs on immigrants is accurate because it did not provide a time frame for ...
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Should we accept "Is this food healthy?" questions?

We get questions asking "Is [this foodstuff] healthy/unhealthy?" Examples: Is the 'Subway diet' healthy? Is Soy bad for you? Do oxygen bars provide health benefits to a normal person? Do ...
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Are questions with vague terms on topic?

Especially if the majority of people do not believe that the terms are inherently vague. This applies to MOST political claims: "Drugs are dangerous." -> The definition of dangerous is vague. "...
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Closing of questions which don't clarify what they are asking for

The question about correlation between penis size and race does not clarify what is meant by 'race'. Such vague questions need clarification, or should be closed. It the answer doesn't clarify the ...
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How to handle vague terms

Lots of questions with "Is xxx Harmful?" "How dangerous is xxx" "Will yyy hurt you" These are hard to answer and harder to debate. "Harm" and "Danger" are very subjective terms. Specifically ...
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