The last comment of the video analysis explains how original research is not allowed.

> OR is not "disliked", but explicitly forbidden by the community rules on skeptics and mods will delete such answers, even if highly upvoted.

Where does one go to ask people to teach you to be more critical, spot such signs, learn what to look for, and so on?

This SE is really named too generally. It's not about most things that skeptics would discuss. It is not about skeptical analysis, but for looking up and consolidating analyses posted elsewhere. This SE should be named for being "a curated index of skeptical debunkings" and not imply "for asking questions on the subject of skepticism".

This answer is interesting and the analysis informative, not just for this video but for learning how to watch critically, and encouraging people to ask such questions rather than just spread disinformation. 

This answer should be automatically *sent somewhere*, rather than just deleted and/or berated.  Where is "somewhere"?