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This is actually a CSS specificity issue. The links are styled to be non-black with the following CSS rule: .ad-container a, .ad-container a:visited { color: #EAD29A; } but this rule is overridden by the (formally) more specific rule: #sidebar a, .sidebar a { color: #000; } because an #id selector counts as more specific than a .class selector. ...


natural-remedies Blurb Natural remedies are "natural" solutions to common problems such as healthcare conditions, but also everyday nuisances and problems. We have more than 100 questions about this very common topic, full of misconceptions! Questions Is squeezing pimples bad for you? Does aloe vera help cure sunburn? Can I get high using binaural beats?


The appropriate place would be a submission in the community promotion ads. Then we can vote on it, and it's automatically added if it passes the bar. Current year: Community Promotion Ads — 2020


aviation Blurb Selfishly, I'm a total aviation geek and just like reading/hearing about things to do with that subject. Less selfishly we have a great range of questions from supposed conspiracies to airplanes flying with only 1 wing. There's plenty to talk about. Questions Did a plane hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001? Is this picture of a bent ...


The site has an express policy of "no original research". As such, as Fabian's comment noted, I don't think any scientific publication would have a need to cite material from here, as opposed to whatever papers the answers here are citing directly.


Hooray! This is finally fixed. :-)

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