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I agree. I edited it out of the question. I believe it will be automatically cleaned up, eventually, if it isn't used.


My first reaction to this was: we should use tags to help people to deliberately search for questions that interest them and to have serendipitous discoveries of other related questions. I have used the joseph-mercola tag, when I had vague memories that Mercola had made a similar claim. So, I didn't like your idea. But, as I tried to marshall my argument, ...


Yes, facebook should be the object of questions tagged [facebook], not simply the media. I fixed the wrong usages


I agree, get rid of lead-poisoning. The lead tag can be paired with one of the health or medical tags to further specify the nature of the question. I don't think a tag specifically for the poisoning aspect is necessary. I think we could probably make lead-poisoning a synonym of lead.


Fixed, and well spotted! The solution was to correct the tag excerpt, not blank it.


Questions retagged and tag blacklisted


I say go for it! There are such a small number of myth questions that a retag is easy. Votes on your question seem to agree. Anything that aids in better categorizing questions is usually a good move.


I added a synonym from lead-poisoning -> lead.


This text isn't under the control of mods, so it is not something I can action. It would require special "per-site" coding or configuration from the SE team - they should see this request here. Similar requests tend to be prioritised low, unfortunately. [This isn't a "rejection" answer - it is just explaining why the mods haven't responded to the request.]...


No, questions about the status quo of Britain's involvement in the EU should not be tagged as [brexit]. It's understandable that these questions come up in discussions about brexit, and their answers can help to form an opinion about brexit, but the questions themselves are independent of brexit. Unless the cause of the claims are attributed to brexit (such ...


I think not: a claim that the Earth is young is (by definition) young-earth-creationism. People who believe that the Earth is young are young Earth creationists, not matter whether they are part of any official movement. Same for intelligent design, it's a subject of claims, not a movement.

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