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I am currently employed as a Junior Software Engineer at Diffblue Ltd. in Oxford. I have graduated from the University of Rostock with a MSc in Informatics.

I try to be friendly. I do not always succeed. I try to be correct. I do not always succeed in that either. Should you see me failing at either of these, please point them out to me so I can better myself.

Programming wise I'm particularly fond of functional programming in general and Haskell in particular, but I believe you can have some amount of fun with nearly all programming languages, even the ones people love to hate such as C++ or Java (C++ in particular has a lot of nice things hidden behind historically accumulated cruft and bad code).

Aside from programming, software engineering and everything surrounding that I also enjoy reading books, board and video games as well as good food. I am also fond of discussing a lot of things that follow in the realms of sociology, philosophy or religion and miscellaneous technology and the sciences, although I have no formal training in any of those.

I am fluent in English and German. I hope to acquire more language skills as I go.

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