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"Checking" an already very reliable source
19 votes

Just re-using the 'data' from the question is itself and merely stating, "yep, seems legit" is quite unsatisfactory. "Skeptcisim is unwarranted" is a statement I consider always '...

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Why are there no mechanisms in place to avoid obviously false answers from being upvoted and coming off as legitimate?
8 votes

If Many people also do not do properly read and understand the answers they read, but merely mindlessly look at the upvote count and figure it must be true. and One idea could be to have a "...

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Does applying basic maths needs a citation from a reputable source?
3 votes

No, basic math does indeed not need such a reference. But the problem for this answer on main is a different one than presenting just 'basic math'. It is not just 'basic math'! As the math you present ...

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Why do I have a -2 rep today for "User was removed"
Accepted answer
2 votes

You edited a post as a low-rep user. That suggested edit was approved and you earned 2 rep for that. Now a relatively low-rep user account was deleted and the rep-gain for the approved edit was ...

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Require questions about the Holocaust to receive moderator approval before publishing
1 votes

Seems to me that questions on that topic are the lesser problem, often being 'just' a tedious nuisance if well-intended, and really quickly shot down if on that level of easy recognisability that ...

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