Tim Scanlon

Current Job: Science extension with rbutr (install rbutr and get both sides of the discussion)

Climate and Agronomic Extension at an organisation in Western Australia

I'm a scientist who is primarily involved in the agriculture industry as an extension specialist. One of the big failings of science is communicating complex information to the people who need the information, at a level they will understand.

My current focus is in climate change extension to rural Australia as part of a national program being trialed in Western Australia.

Education University of Western Australia, MSc. Plant Science, 2011 University of Western Australia, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, 2001

Publications Gene expression of regulatory enzymes involved in the intermediate metabolism of sheep subjected to feed restriction, Animal 2012 Live weight parameters in Dorper, Damara and Australian Merino lambs subjected to restricted feeding, Small Ruminant Research 2011 Severity of root rot in mature subterranean clover and associated fungal pathogens in the wheatbelt, Crop and Pasture Science 2009 The effect of weight loss on productive characteristics of Damara, Dorper and Australian Merino, Proceedings of the European Association for Animal Production conference 2009 Are Damara and Dorper sheep better adapted than Merinos to nutritional stress?, Proceedings of Agribusiness Livestock Updates 2009 Perception versus reality: why we should measure our pastures, Proceedings of the Agribusiness Crop Updates 2009 Understanding protein expression profiles in the liver of sheep subjected to weight loss, Veterinary Sciences Congress 2008 Factors Impacting Pasture Growth Rate in Subterranean Clover-based Pastures, Proceedings of the ASA, CSA, SSA 2006 Understanding productivity decline in subterranean clover-based pastures in south-western Australia., Proceedings of the 13th Australian Agronomy Conference 2006 Poor productivity in subterranean clover pastures: a nutritional problem?, International Plant Nutrition Colloquium 2005 Carboxylate concentrations in the rhizosphere of lateral roots of chickpea (Cicer arietinum), New Phytologist 2004

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