I don't usually have any issue with stack exchange moderators, but in this situation I really don't understand why my question was closed. The reason listed is "unclear what you are asking," but the question is clearly stated. Why was my question closed?

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What university does the claim apply to? Or country? Or...

Your question can have many answers, all valid; you need to specify it. It's too broad.

I did add a comment. I guess "this applies... Where?" was too synthetic. My bad.


The closure shouldn't be unclear what you're asking, but instead it should or could be too broad because it is clear what you're asking.

In this case, the moderator's intervention was a bit inappropriate, especially that your question has been answered.

However, the moderator has a point: Your question ("claim") could apply to too many universities and universities in different countries, that would nominate your question for being too board.

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    I used "unclear" assuming that the question is actually specific to a context, but the OP did not include it. If the OP really intended to refer to any possible university, then yep, it would be too broad.
    – Sklivvz
    Commented May 8, 2015 at 18:35

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