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2 answers

Is there any policy about revisiting old questions?

Skeptics is already a pretty old site (by Internet standards), there are questions here that are over 10 years old. Science advances all the time and new research is conducted which can lead to ...
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How can non-moderators suggest a better duplicate target without flagging?

I posted a flag to this question suggesting a better duplicate target. The response I got was "helpful - You are able to edit in additional dupe targets". However, when I tried clicking on the "edit" ...
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Reopen question about Obama vs Trump immigration bans

I asked this question and it was closed as a dupe of this question. I think these questions are not duplicates because one asks if Obama took immigration actions in 2011, and the other asks are the ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Should we open another round of fact-checking on an updated version of an infographic?

We have an existing question from 2014 - Are American media controlled mostly by Jews? - where someone has asked about the factual accuracy of an infographic that alleges that a vast majority of media ...
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What can i do when a duplicate is not a duplicate

A question I've raised is marked as a duplicate I believe the questions that it has been duplicated against is a possible answer but its not the same question. How can i contest this? The example ...
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A question was posted which is admittedly an edited version of an existing closed question.

The question was posted, it's an edited version of the closed ...
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1 answer

This question about fluoride should not be marked duplicate This question has been marked duplicate of Is fluoride toothpaste dangerous? The problem with this, ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Knowingly posting a duplicate question

I was interested in searching for a question asking about the link between food colouring and hyperactivity (and other harmful effects). A search didn't really return anything obvious, but way down ...
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3 votes
1 answer

What determines how close questions can be before being determined "duplicate"?

About 3 months ago, I asked a question about some specific claims on controlled crying techniques. The question was tightly focused, referenced very specific notable claims, and was highly voted. A ...
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Duplicates should not be closed if not exact

I don't think that duplicates should be closed if the questions are different enough where the resulting answers and discussion will be different. The reason for closing is marked as "Exact ...
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When People submit a question, does StackExchange have a method of checking duplicates like Digg?

Not sure how familiar you are with the way Digg did their analysis, but I see that the "related questions" when submitting a question here are poor matches to say the least. Hence why some may get ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Creating energy out of air/nothing

Ought the following two questions be deemed to be identical for the purposes of Skeptics? Did Tesla say that one could get or transmit energy through thin air Are there technologies that provide ...
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